My colleague is completely two-faced!

Dear Aunty B,

I have a colleague who is totally two-faced. On the one hand he has been a great mentor and supporter, but on the other he can bitch about me to other people (they tell me) and stab me in the back.


It is so hurtful because I want to trust him but know I can’t. How do you suggest I work with him? Someone called him a sociopath the other day and I looked up the definition and he ticked all the boxes. I am not sure I can last much longer.

Over him,

Dear Over him,

And hello to Darwin. Do you know I have never been any further north than Katherine? Nice to know we have readers there and I promise to come and visit.

Look, sociopaths are tricky. They can be so charismatic and once they turn their charm on people, it can be incredibly exciting and addictive. But they are not like normal people. They care about one thing: themselves. And everyone else gets sacrificed on the altar of their naked ambition.

But the good news is this: you know all that. You know the measure of the man and you understand what he is capable of. That gives you a big advantage. So you are absolutely right never to trust him. Take the good and expect the bad. It doesn’t mean you need to leave – just set things up so you have as little to do with him as possible.

Be smart,
Your Aunty B

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