My costs are blowing out. How do I turn into a tight arse?

Dear Aunty B,


We have had a good few years and I have just moved my five staff from a home office into an office in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. We have also hired several more staff from large companies.

Suddenly the culture has changed. My staff used to be great at watching all the costs, but suddenly they are blowing out, and the staff don’t care.

One staff member has just signed himself up for the Qantas Club – and I am not even a member. Help!


A Rockman,



Dear A,

You are a dill and at this point I’d start asking around about friendly administrators. A culture that recognises the need to keep costs as low as possible is invaluable. You had it – and you LET IT GO. Once a culture develops that sends the OK for staff to spend, spend, spend, you are on the way out.


But A, you have fallen victim to entrepreneur’s syndrome. You have outgrown the baby phase where you lie awake staring at the ceiling wondering how you are going to pay wages this week. Instead you are swanning around, big talking your success while discussing the new office fitout – and the staff have NOTICED.


Here is what to do. Stop driving your fancy car to work and start complaining about public transport like everyone else. Express everything in terms of profit and loss.


Whenever staff ask for anything, point out how many products X or services Y have to be sold to pay for that.


Start a set of awards for the person who saves the most money every day and then at the end of the week add up all the money and paste it up to tell everyone how much money was saved that week.


And how is this idea for Qantas Club a MONEY WASTER? Work out a fair average for petrol, meals and hotels for all traveling staff. Then give traveling money wasters a fixed allowance. The people who travel cheap can keep the cost. Those who blow the fixed allowance, pay the extra themselves.


Make everyone sign receipts for EVERYTHING and take over the petty cash for a few weeks.


Only be satisfied that the administrators are not baying at your door when once again you overhear staff at the pub describe you as a tight arse.


What are you waiting for? Email your questions, problems and issues to [email protected] right now!




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