My Gen Y staff want to do a 360 degree and review my performance.

Dear Aunty B:


My team are fantastic, so when one of them suggested that “360 degrees” are introduced this year, I happily agreed (not having any idea what they are.)


Now I am horrified to learn that all these Gen Ys will now have the right to tell me what they think of me in their performance review next week! How do I wrestle back control? And what do I do in a performance review with a Gen Y?


Jack Knight


Jack, mate, it’s not all about I, I, I. With Gen Y it’s about them, them, them.


Now we all hate performance reviews: they are complex beasts. Many bosses think that the real reason for performance reviews is to turn around non-performing staff, issue warnings or urge average staff on to greater things.


Meanwhile, employees think that performance reviews are about getting a pat on the back and a whopping pay rise.


That spells CONFLICT and dissatisfaction with the process without adding 360s to the mix. Besides, don’t Gen Y’s tell you what they think every second of every minute of every day?


Here are two options to avoid a 360 degree performance review with a Gen Y:


Option one: Cancel. Tell them that you have been reading up on the latest management practices and you have learnt that Gen Ys don’t “do” performance reviews.

(Read Gen Y entrepreneur bloggist Emma Brown, who says they are a waste of time.) Instead tell them they are under constant review and then set unattainable goals for next year: show them what life was like when the boomers ran things.


Option 2: Go along with the 360 degree stuff but as soon as they open their mouths, remind them that performance reviews should not get personal and steer them straight back on to safe ground, running through their strengths and weaknesses, the projects where they have performed well, tell them how they can improve and set some good old fashioned GOALS!


Has anyone got some advice for Jack? Any stories to share about Gen Y staff? Send them to [email protected] (anonymously if you like).


And Gen Ys, feel free to respond. What do you want in a performance review?




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