My GM has become a cost cutting lunatic. Help!

Dear Aunty B,


We implemented a cost cutting program several weeks ago. But I have just learnt that my young, computer-savvy general manager has told everyone that no one will any longer be issued with pens.


I found out about it when a client was visiting and asked for a pen at reception, and the receptionist told him they had just been “banned”.


I was really embarrassed, though the client, who works for a draconian large company, thought it was hilarious because I am always telling him how great it is to work in a smaller business.

How do I overturn draconian GM without undermining her?


Pen fan,


Dear Pen fan,


Your company has just crossed the line from sensible cost cutting to sheer lunacy. So don’t think you are undermining your GM by overturning the cost cutting measure – you are reversing a completely stupid decision that will be causing great annoyance and resentment among your staff.


Bring GM into your office and tell her that although you respect her attempts to find innovative ways to cut costs, pens are an essential tool for most of us. And the edict was to cut costs, not reduce productivity. Also suggest that she runs any future new ideas past you.


Good luck!

Your Aunty B.

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