My operations manager is a pig. Is it my problem?

Dear Aunty B,

My operations manager is a pig.

His shirt is always hanging out, he hates wearing ties and he takes his shoes off at the office and walks around in his smelly socks! He bites his nails and his shirt is always un-ironed.

It has got to the point where I hate taking him on appointments with me and I don’t introduce people to him in the office.

I brought this up with him at the last performance review but he did not take it seriously. Am I being trivial or does this matter?

He is a great operations manager and the staff really like him.

Seb V,



Dear Seb,

Of course it matters. Smelly socks. Yikes! It’s simple. He is still thinking like a teenager.

So appeal to base instincts – hip pocket.

Remind him that you raised this in his last performance review and there has been no improvement. Look pointedly at his un-ironed shirt, his nails and then his shoes (or lack of) when you say this. Tell him he can’t take the next step up your career ladder because of the way he dresses.

Tell him that those who get promoted need to do more client liaison work, and that involves – if he hasn’t noticed – wearing an ironed shirt, tie and shoes.

If he takes offense he has not got the emotional maturity to take the next step, and you have done yourself a favour.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B

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