My PA is MIA every morning. Do I act or let it slide?

Dear Aunty B,

Here’s a simple one for a woman like you.

I got a new PA about six weeks ago and every morning – and I mean every single bloody morning – she is late.

Ten minutes some days, 15 minutes other days, 25 minutes later another day. I guess it really doesn’t matter from a work point of view – we get all our work done – but it’s getting on my nerves like you wouldn’t believe.

Do I just need to get over it, or do I confront it?




Dear Distracted,

It sounds like this is a performance issue – your performance! If you’re spending your first hour at work watching the clock, then you’re probably not getting enough work done.

Seriously, you need to confront it. Pull your PA aside, tell her that punctuality is important to you and that she needs to be here on time, every time.

She’ll react one of two ways.

She’ll be very apologetic and promise never to be late again or she’ll be indignant and be in a huff.

If it’s the later, tell her this is a friendly chat but you see this as a performance issue and if the punctuality doesn’t improve then there will be a more formal meeting.

Sounds harsh? Bugger that. Being on time is common courtesy and your PA should show some.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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