My sales team are not meeting targets. Do I need to go sell with them?

Dear Aunty B,


I have a great sales team but they are well behind budget.


Being a good boy, I have taken on board all the advice about working on the business, not in it. But I also feel like I should be out there selling to kick things along.


I suggested this to my business partner, who says I am micro-managing, and this is not what is needed. Who is right?




Dear MF,

You, of course! Your gut is telling you that things are bad. It is also telling you all hands on deck. Follow your gut, because no one sells like the founder/owner.

However two things.

Do you sell well? I have met some business owners who open every pitch by talking about how a potential client can help their business. Quite frankly he should be locked up and never let near a client.

Second point is go on the big calls, and then let your team negotiate and close. Your role is to be the show pony.

That’s it. Otherwise your team will leave – and probably end up at the competition.

So go sell and good luck!


Your Aunty B.

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