My sexist client ogles my attractive manager. I want to slap him.

Dear Aunty B

I have a very attractive, young marketing manager who often accompanies me on client calls.

Problem is I have one client who runs a large courier business who is a leering bully and often makes sexist remarks to my manager.


He overtly looks down her top and makes suggestive comments. She says she just ignores him but it makes me so uncomfortable; I feel like slapping him.


What should I do?


Fiona S,
Mt Gambier



Dear Fiona,


Why stop at slapping him? Knock him out and do us all a favour.


Look, the most sensible option is to tell your marketing manager to spend time with other clients and not to call on sexist courier magnate.


Even if you tried to tell him that his comments are inappropriate, he would ignore you, so don’t bother.


But long term you should fire this client. For a start you cannot run a viable business these days if you treat women like that, so expect him to get sued, go broke, get divorced and die young.


Secondly, life is just too short to spend time with clients you want to wallop.


Your Aunty B

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