My staff are moonlighting. Where is the line?

Dear Aunty B,

A few of my staff are moonlighters, running businesses from home in the evenings. They discuss their “other businesses” quite openly at work, send emails and make calls from the office and sometimes even dash out on some errand associated with their other businesses.


I have tried to keep an open mind as these staff don’t hesitate to work back when I need them to and their night time businesses don’t compete with my business at all.


But the other day my staff member asked for a longer lunch break to attend a farewell party for an employee from his night time business! He came back slightly pissed from a three hour lunch. Then he asked to take annual leave as he says he is all fired up and wants to work on his business strategy! Has he crossed the line?


Doug Skeffington,
Caloundra, Qld




Well, Doug, why not offer to help him develop his business strategy and then apply for a job. You could then run your business on the side while HE pays YOUR salary.


Seriously Doug, you are a dill. And what sort of message is this sending other hard working staff who spend their time at work focused on their job?


I would take “Fired up” aside and ask him whether instead he would like to be “Fired”.

Tell him that he has crossed the line and not to do it again.


Call a meeting of all staff and remind them that you expect their full focus for the entire time they are at work. Remind them of the policies that they have signed on computer use. You haven’t got a policy? Download one now and get them all to sign.


Is that too much to ask your staff Doug? That when they at work, they work on your business? If so, consider a career change.



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