My web developer is a patronising git. Should I give him a hiding?

Dear Aunty B,

I grew up when lap top computers were the size of houses, and while not the full bottle on computers, I nevertheless know my wikis from my wireframes.

The trouble is my web developer is a patronising, young git. He starts every sentence with: “Now, how can I put this so EVEN YOU understand.” Or “I don’t want to confuse you so I will put it as simply as I can.” Then he simply states the obvious.

He even talks loudly and slowly as if I am a hearing-impaired, old fart.

At the end of a conversation with him, I fell like taking him out the back of the office and giving him a hiding.

Are web developers just another service industry like plumbers and electricians that have you at their mercy?

Fitzroy, Victoria


Dear Lauren,

We MUST share the same web developer – unless all web developers are patronising little gits.

Look Lauren, the poor bloke is obviously a bit thick. If you tell him he is a patronising little git, he may become more obsequious.

Try this. Yell back when he talks loudly. When he asks why you are yelling, tell him you thought he was deaf because he talks so loudly.

When he comes out with his patronising patter, echo his phrases back to him.

Either that or change web developers – which is a bit like changing your plumber; drastic, traumatising and often expensive.

Good luck,

Your Aunty B.



Andrew Davis from ComfyPage writes: Hi Aunty B. I have a comment regarding your web developer issue. Just thought I’d draw an alternative to your attention should the issue arise again in future. Anyone having grief with a web developer (or wanting to avoid it altogether) may want to consider a service like or They’re not suitable for absolutely everyone but neither is paying through the nose to argue with a web developer.


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