Necklines are getting a little too low. Can I say anything?

Dear Aunty B,

I would like to raise a delicate problem. Now the weather is warmer, some girls in our offices are wearing low tops that leave little to the imagination. Sometimes I don’t know where to look. Sometimes I am embarrassed to show clients around.


One receptionist exposes almost everything that nature has given her and as she is sitting at her desk when people walk by, this means there is a fair bit on show!


But my accountant is the worst. She is a mature woman and I find it very hard and quite annoying to keep my mind on the figures when I am trying to find somewhere safe to look!


Am I out of touch and is this just a fashion that will pass? Also if I ask them to dress in a more decorous fashion am I breaking any law? I am of an older generation, and I would never let my daughters out of the house looking like this.


Larry S,



Hi Larry,

Bad news mate. I can’t imagine a return to buttoned up shirts with broaches at the neck. It ain’t going to happen. The good news? I don’t think tops can get any lower so nothing to fear there.

Larry, I think you are a little out of touch, as you yourself note. You are going to have to build your tolerance a little. However there is a line where clothing can become inappropriate for the office and you do have a right to act.


However if I were you, I would have nothing to do with this. Ask one of the women in the office to have a word to your receptionist. Front-of-line staff should dress appropriately.

As for your accountant, phew. What do you do? How about making all meetings in your office. Before she comes in turn the air conditioning sky high. When she complains, look at her pointedly and tell her to wear a cardigan. You never know. She might get the message.


Anyone else got any good suggestions for Larry? Send them in.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B.

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