No-one understands me and I am lonely

Dear Aunty B,

I am on to my second venture, which is now three years old, and while it is going well, it’s a hard slog. I have more than 50 staff and I used to know all my staff by name, but I come in to the office now and there are faces I don’t know.


I have stopped going to parties because everyone carries on about their new indoor/outdoor setting and their next holiday in Port Douglas while I am wondering how to pay the GST bill.


When they ask me what I do, I don’t feel like telling them because they don’t appear that interested and they certainly don’t understand.

M. Green,




Hi Lonely,

What on earth do you expect? You are a maverick. It happened the day you started your own business. You became an outcast. When people start to talk about how hard their nine-to-five existence is, you have to bite your lip.


You start to spend more time with your accountant and your banker than your friends.


You have to remain enthusiastic and upbeat when you are scared stiff of failing, and half you brain is missing from any conversation because you are wondering about future revenue streams.


Look, here are several tips. Start socialising with business owners. It is no good discussing your issues with people who run very small businesses. While they are taking their own risks, you need people who have similar sized businesses to yours or that are bigger.

Join groups that can match you with these types of people, like The Executive Connection or Entrepreneurs Organisation. Then be very disciplined. Go to parties and switch off. You can’t live in a bubble, because bubbles are bad for business.


As for people at parties not being interested in what you do… what are you talking about? Being an entrepreneur is glamorous and exciting! Who else lives 24/7 on a roller coaster? Think about how you present what you do to people. Try and get above the worry and see the bigger picture!


Oh and what’s wrong with a holiday in Port Douglas. Sounds like you need it.

But Lonely, don’t go alone.





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