One of our competitors is sneakily bad-mouthing us on Twitter

Dear Aunty B,

We think that one of our competitors is trying to sabotage us on Twitter.

Every day we seem to get a bunch of anonymous Twitter users taking pot shots at our products, complaining about our service and generally bad-mouthing us.

We don’t know who is behind it, but we are in a niche market where there are only two real players, and this other mob have been known to use some pretty dirty tricks in the past.

How do we react, Aunty? Do we get the lawyers in or do we just ignore it?




Dear Trolled,

Bloody social media! I understand your position, but I am not sure what you would tell the lawyers exactly. You have no concrete proof of what is happening, so a legal letter might be a bit counter-productive.

What I would do is to use this trolling to demonstrate how great you are at customer service. Jump on every negative Tweet and offer to deal with the person online.

Then jump on Twitter yourself and bang on about how proud you are of your team for dealing with these issues promptly and personally.

Turn the negative into a positive and give your rival the virtual finger.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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