Ouch. Fast growth is losing us clients

Dear Aunty B,

We are growing very fast and my team are very focused on getting new clients.

My business partner who headed sales and marketing always looked after existing clients.

But he is away ill and I need to refocus the team on existing clients.

The situation is quite desperate as a few of the clients are indicating they are feeling unloved.

Rick B,

South Melbourne


Dear Rick,

An unloved client! Yikes.

Take action immediately. Forget about redirecting the team until you have sent unloved client a big present surrounded by a colorful cloud of red and green helium balloons. (It can double as a Chrissie gift.)

In the card is a request for a meeting.

At the meeting you need to explain that although your partner is sick, there is a new contact point and you will be personally involved. Then ask them about their needs. Make sure you are also at the meeting with a new solution or idea to one of their problems so they feel reassured that you are across the business.


Make sure that clients know any complaints come to you, not the sales team, while your partner is ill.

(In fact always make sure that complaints from clients are handled by a different person to the regular company contract.

If you are under staffed in sales, staff up. It’s too important to let go. Try also to lock clients into longer term agreements and then spend time delighting them with great service rather than renegotiating contracts with them.


Remember communication is the key. From emails to calls to lunches – stay in very regular contact.

Aunty B

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