Our receptionist won’t tell people I work from home. What can she tell them instead?

Dear Aunty B,

Thanks so much for your response to my question the other day about getting people to take me seriously as someone who works from home.

I have a follow-up question. When business contacts ring the office, what do we say when they ask to speak to me?

Our receptionist doesn’t like to tell them that I work from home, but they do wonder why I am never in the office. I have a mobile phone, but most people ring the office number.




Dear Sandy,

Glad that I was able to help and thanks also to the SmartCompany community for some great suggestions.

I think there are two possible solutions for your receptionist.

Firstly, they could tell contacts that you work from [insert your suburb name here] office today. This has the dual benefit of being accurate (always a good thing) and making your company look bigger than it might be.

Secondly, the receptionist could tell contacts that you are based in your home office. Why shouldn’t she tell the truth? Your business should be proud to use flexible work arrangements and staff should feel happy to broadcast the fact.

And if the receptionist doesn’t like it, then tough. Their mindset needs to change too.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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