Our trendy new offices have me feeling uncool. Is it time to change the way I dress?

Dear Aunty B,

We’ve got some lovely new offices in one of Sydney’s more fashionable suburbs.

I’m a regular visitor, but I’ve got a problem – every time I go I feel decidedly overdressed and very uncool.

I’m a jacket and tie sort of guy, but I stand out like a sore thumb amongst the hipsters. Is it time for a makeover to match our new digs?




Dear Daggy,

As someone who is perennially uncool and someone who is old fashioned enough to believe in the jacket and tie, I say don’t worry. As my mother said to me, you can never get in trouble for being overdressed, even if you do feel like a shag on a rock.

And it’s not about the people in your office or in the streets around your office – it’s about the clients or suppliers or whoever you are meeting in Sydney. If they expect ties, or you want to present yourself in a tie, then do it. If they are casual types then that’s when you need to think about changing the way you dress.

Dags unite!

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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