P?rn is doing the rounds: Do I sack Dave or the “Grump”?

Dear Aunty B,


I read your stories on emails and policies with interest. My problem is I have an email policy that says no p?rn will be tolerated and is grounds for instant dismissal.


One of my customer service people (Dave) forwarded on a joke email to other staff that was rude, verging on p?rn.


It was sent on to me by a cross old grump who rules our reception. I don’t know how she got it but she’s had it in for Dave since the day he started. I did the right thing, raised it with Dave, and he says he won’t do it again. I didn’t dismiss him because he says it was forwarded to him (and actually it was quite funny).


Now old grump is carrying on, saying I have contravened my own company policy.

I feel like giving her a warning.

St Pauls, NSW



Dear Anon,


So, you have a policy on sacking cross old grumps do you? How about introducing a new policy that states if the p?rn is funny, it should be circulated. Hmmm?


Look Anon, you are barking up the wrong tree.


If the “old grump” is up in arms, it sounds like the joke was far from tame.


Go back to Dave, tell him you have reconsidered the issue and give him a real warning.


Call the old grump in and tell her that you have dealt sternly with the matter and the issue is now over. Get her to send around the company policy again under your name.


Document all action. And then increase their workload so they don’t have time to spend sending round silly emails or gossiping about other staff.


And keep a close eye on Dave. Old grumps often see things that you are too busy to notice.


Your Aunty B.

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