Breaking through the haze

I have gorgeous friends and they spoiled my little girl when she was born a couple of months ago. We adored everything she was given and I know she will treasure lots of the gifts for many years.

One gift stands out amongst the rest though. It didn’t stand out because it was expensive (I’d estimate total cost less than $25). It wasn’t the biggest thing we received. It wasn’t the most useful.

It stands out because it was uniquely timed and themed.

It arrived about two weeks before my due date and comprised a little “getting ready to have a baby kit” – chocolate, some edible nipple cream (ahh yes, I just blogged the word nipple, awesome) and a necklace and bracelet for my older daughter. It was from a lovely lady who I don’t actually know all that well, but it screamed thoughtfulness and was totally memorable.

In the haze of having a newborn – I still remember every aspect of her gift.

Your clients and target markets encounter their own “hazes” all the time. In the haze of December Christmas cards – does yours stand out? In your pitch emails – will you be remembered or will you blend? How can you break through the haze in your own unique way?

From broke at 19 to retired at 27, Kirsty Dunphey is an entrepreneur, mother and author, and lives by the motto Memento Vivere (remember to live).


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