How to break into a new industry

How to break into a new industry

Meeting a new contact, let alone a whole network of people, can be incredibly daunting, but it could also be the breath of fresh air that your business needs. Too often in business we become too comfortable, and rely too much on the people we already know.

Watch my latest video blog to learn how to enter a new industry:

Look outside your industry Ask yourself – what industries do you want to connect with and choose one you can add value to. Remember to be selective.

Review your database Chances are you are already doing business with someone in another sector. Who can they refer you to? How will they refer others to you? Find a way that you can do business through their network.

Connect through media Read publications, blogs and websites, and connect with people online using social media. Attend the new industry’s functions and connect with an understanding of their needs and wants.

Don’t be shy, head out there and try a new industry.


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