How to cope with betrayal in business

How to cope with betrayal in business

It’s an unfortunate truth of business and life: Being betrayed. And it can be one of the most devastating experiences in life.

A betrayal can shake you to the core, shifting your perception of the business world and your place in it, and undermining your self-confidence and effectiveness – if you let it. 

But you can survive.

You can pick up the pieces, shake off the shock and damage, and get back out there on the track to your serious success. Here’s how…

First, this is a lesson on why you should never let people get close enough to cause enough damage to begin with. Yes, there is a level of trust we must give to do business but sometimes we can get complacent or choose (against our better judgment) to let them ‘in’.

Second, you need to accept you blew it and quickly assess the damage. Was it so bad that you need to start again? If you were betrayed by a partner, do you need to find another partner … or go out on your own? Here is another lesson on making sure you have a back-up plan – because you will be betrayed one day in the future if you haven’t been already

Third, don’t broadcast that you’ve been betrayed. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it private. Don’t go on social media and tell everyone what has happened. Here is where your poker face kicks in. Shout, cry or scream in private, but don’t do it in public.

Fourth, pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. As painful as it can be –even if you need to start all over again.

Take it one step at time.

Sometimes this means making a mammoth effort even just to crawl out of bed, shower, dress and face the world. But every day it will improve. Just take the time. It will always make you feel better.

Finally, reassess your current network with your new-found understanding of what people are really like. Disappointing, I know.

But you’ll be the wiser for it.

Amanda Rose is the only ‘strategic connector’ in Australia, a Brand Strategist, Speaker, Host of Amanda Rose TV, Founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by Follow Amanda on Twitter.



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