Stuff up or time to give stuff up?

I just got an email apology.

It was from a photography blog I had subscribed to saying that they hadn’t clicked a certain button to make my email subscription happen and therefore I wasn’t getting their updates.


It didn’t end there though, as an apology, the photographer included a gift book (pdf version), which I’ve already started reading and am really enjoying.

Now, getting down to the bare facts, the photographer could have simply clicked the button, fixed the problem and I probably would have been none the wiser.

But she owned up, she coughed up (something of value to me that didn’t cost her anything) and I’m now a more loyal fan than I was before the stuff up.

What could have been a negative or a nothing is now a big positive.

Have you stuffed up lately? (Who hasn’t? is probably a better question) Is it time to own up and fix the situation and make it a positive or fix it in silence? The choice is yours, but I know which solution I enjoyed the most this time.

Kirsty Dunphey is the youngest ever Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year, author of two books (her latest release is Retired at 27, If I Can do it Anyone Can) and a passionate entrepreneur who started her first business at age 15 and opened her own real estate agency at 21. Now Kirsty does lots of fun things which you can read about here. Her favourite current projects are Elephant Property, a boutique property management agency, Baby Teresa, a baby clothing line that donates an outfit to a baby in need for each one they sell and ReallySold, which helps real estate agents stop writing boring, uninteresting ads.


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