Ten TED Talks that can transform your career

TED Talks

Source: Women's Agenda

By Lauren O’Connor

Are you finding your mouse cursor hovering towards procrastination over productivity? You could be stuck in a career rut.

We’re here to help offer some procrastination that’ll at least get you motivated.

We’ve searched the web and sourced 10 inspiring TED Talks that have the potential to transform your career. From dealing with conflict, to celebrating the near-wins, and even a tech-free body language hack; there’s something for everyone in need of a different type of 3pm pick-me-up.

Susan Colantunono on the career advice you probably didn’t get

There’s something women aren’t being told, according to Colantunono. And it starts relatively early in our careers. She shares this simple yet surprising advice that we can use to start bridging the gender gap at the top.

Leila Hoteit gives three lessons on success from an Arab business woman

How do you respond when your young daughter starts questioning gender diversity in her culture? For Hoteit, this question hit close to home. Reflecting upon a generation of professional Arab women who were forced to become their own role models, she shares three lessons for anyone wishing to thrive in the modern world.

Amy Cuddy on how your body language may shape who you are

We are fascinated with body language, and what it means. An awkward hand graze with our local barista, or a kiss/hug/handshake debacle with a co-worker can leave us talking for weeks. Cuddy believes there is a simple, tech-free, life hack that can influence not only how others see us but how we also see ourselves.

Margaret Heffernan on why you should dare to disagree

Does your heart rate increase, palms get sweaty, and eyes begin to look for the nearest exit as soon as conflict arises? You are not alone. As humans we instinctively avoid conflict. But as Heffernan shows us, allowing people to disagree is fundamental to professional progress.

Sarah Lewis encourages us to embrace the near win

In order for an archer to hit their target, they must aim at something slightly skewed from the bullseye. It is this paradox that Lewis draws her own conclusion on success; there is a gift in a ‘near win’.

David Grady on how to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings

We live in a society where busy is last-season, and absolutely flat-out now in vogue. So do we really have time for bad meetings? Grady gives rarely spoken advice on how to save yourself from poorly run meetings, and consequently win back hours of your work day.

CJ Hendry asks us, what’s your plan?

Inspired by legendary fighter Mike Tyson, Hendry proclaims “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. In a world filled with Instagram perfect lives, bodies, and matcha lattes, CJ speaks of the true roadblocks to success and how to roll with these punches.

Anne-Marie Slaughter poses the question: can we “have it all”?

Blazing career, adoring children, and number one on speed dial for friendly advice; as women, we often want it all. So why can’t we? And is this a question only women ask? Slaughter expresses her ideas on how shifts in both professional and personal life can lead to more equality.

Lazy and Outraged? Cathy Wilcox says don’t take it personally

At the gym, during a tinder-date, or waiting for your Californian hand-roll, we take any opportunity to voice our point of view. Often, these opinions make their way into the workplace where the voice of others can go on to impact our productivity. Fear not, for Wilcox has some well needed advice on how to get the most out of the growing culture of outrage.

Nick Molnar explains why the stereotypes about millennials are holding us back

In the words of Willy Wonka character Veruca Salt, “Don’t care how, I want it now”. Along with superficial, lacking work ethic, and demanding, this is the tagline many millennials are finding themselves branded with. Is this fact or utter nonsense? Molnar argues millennials are a powerful force you don’t want to mess with.

This article was first published by Women’s Agenda.

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