‘Myer Liar’ Andrew Flanagan agrees to plead guilty to deception: how to screen your staff

‘Myer Liar’ Andrew Flanagan agrees to plead guilty to deception: how to screen your staff


The Myer executive fired over his misleading CV has agreed to plead guilty to three counts of obtaining property by deception.

Dubbed the “Myer Liar”, Andrew Flanagan, conned his way into three high-paying jobs including a role as group general manager of strategy at Myer in a role which paid $400,000 a year.

Flanagan struck the deal with prosecutors to plead guilty in a County Court case yesterday.

The court was told Flanagan suffered from bipolar and wanted to use a mental impairment defence, but agreed to plead guilty after one of the charges was amended and others were withdrawn.

News reports Flanagan was paid about $160,000 from various employers before his unsuitability for the jobs was discovered.

Flanagan performed well at interviews but usually got the sack after his incompetence was discovered.

In his first day on the job at Myer he told the department store’s chief financial officer he would go home to get “proof” of his qualifications but never returned to the office.

Once Flanagan scored his roles he is accused of hiring mates, commanding his staff to go out drinking with him and sending them inappropriate text messages.

A spokesperson for Myer told SmartCompany the department store is looking to the future.

“We’re pleased with the result and our focus is on our business and our strategic review,” she says. 


Tips for screening your staff


Sylvain Mansotte, co-founder of Fraudsec, says people are a source of risk for SMEs.

“It is critical for any type of business to screen not only your employees but also suppliers and contractors,” he says.

“You might be a rush to get someone but make sure you screen those individuals.”

Mansotte says Myer did not do its due diligence thoroughly enough to ensure Flanagan was who he said he was.

“Make sure you know who you are dealing with,” Mansotte says. 

“Because when they are in, they are in. If they’re in they can damage your brand, your reputation and your finances.

Mansotte has the following tips for screening staff:

  • For employees he recommends a police check or calling a few of their former employers before you hire them. “When they are in the system it is too late,” he says.
  • “When it comes to suppliers or contractors it’s about ensuring they have a valid ABN, you can check that online,” Mansotte says. He also recommends calling a few customers to check up. 



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