Should I expect lunch at a lunchtime meeting?

Dear Aunty B,

I work in Geelong and often come to Melbourne for meetings. When I was invited to a lunchtime meeting, there used to be lunch. In the good old days it was a sit down affair with at least two courses, a good red and a waiter who called you sir. Recently it has been sandwiches and orange juice.

But the last time I went to a meeting at lunchtime there was nothing except water. The time before I was given a coffee in a café when I had just bought myself a coffee in a café, and then I was dizzy with too much caffine on an empty stomach.

When I am invited to a meeting at lunchtime how do I know what to expect?  




Dear BT,


We are now in the age of austerity where it is unlikely you will ever be fed again. Even water is a scarce commodity as you would well know. As such, here are the new rules around lunch.


Always assume you will not be fed. If a meeting is scheduled over lunchtime, it is likely you will get water but don’t count on it. Take a bottle of water just in case you expire from thirst and you can always slip out to the bathroom for a nip.


If lunch is on the agenda, you will receive an invitation that will make it absolutely clear that lunch will be served. But don’t get excited. Pita wraps is the most you can expect.


You are well advised not to have a coffee before a lunchtime meeting because you could well end up having a coffee in the lobby of the office you are visiting.


Hope that helps.

Your Aunty B.


Anyone know any more rules around new lunch etiquette? Comment below

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