Should I sack Mediocre and hire Mr Keen?

Dear Aunty B,


First, thanks for the many words of wisdom offered to my fellow business colleagues, small and large. Now for my question…


When I employed one of my staff, the employment market was really tight, so I had to select the best of the few applicants I interviewed, and it wasn’t my ideal choice.


Now, with a lot more people looking for work, I have better candidates approaching me, asking for a job.


Do I stick with my mediocre choice of 12 months ago, or give them the flick and give the job to someone who appears to be much better for the role.


Is that being unfair, or is it good business?




Dear PA,

The other day we surveyed our readers and found that while 40% were retrenching, 58% were hiring, with many hiring to replace existing staff. It seemed that many businesses that have suffered through the skills crisis are using this period to get rid of the “sixty-percent-ers.”

Sixty-percent-ers are the mediocre staff who come to work and want to be somewhere else. They are not loyal, they don’t go the extra mile, and they consider a 9-to-5 day the most you are going to get from them. They do 60% of their job OK, but the other 40% is poor. Despite training, coaching and a great deal of effort, they are not going to change… with you.

But imagine this. You let Mediocre go and they then find a mediocre business where they can be truly happy. You then give the job to the keen, enthusiastic person who is better suited to the role and puts in 100% every day. The business then goes so well you can afford to create more jobs! That’s being really fair, and it’s also good business.

Besides, if you don’t move on Mediocre, your competitor, which is getting rid of their sixty-percent-ers, will pick up the keen applicant. And how unfair is that?

So move Mediocre on, and don’t feel guilty.

Good luck!

Your Aunty B.


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