Sob. Who will hire an award-winning marketer part-time?

Hi Aunty

Recently, I was offered a scholarship (all academic costs covered) to do my PhD (business). Until the scholarship, I thought my study days were over as I couldn’t really justify $20,000 fees each year for duration of post-grad study (three years).

Returning to study is only two full days a week and I would like to continue working professionally in marketing – however, several weeks of trawling SEEK highlights there are no professional marketing part-time jobs.

I have a decade of experience and have won awards for my work, but am worried by not staying in the professional loop I will lose professionally what I gain academically.

I have approached several companies with full-time marketing vacancies and all were keen based on my skills, quals, experience and results, but when I mentioned the study they went cold.

I am scared I’m going to end up wasting away in a part-time job in a supermarket wondering where it all went wrong. How can I study yet contribute my skills, experience and passion for marketing? What would you do?




Dear NL,

If I were me, I would write to myself, as you have.


What I will do now is circulate your request to our community. Anyone? Who wants an award-winning part-time marketer who will be doing a PHD and therefore is up with the latest?


I will send on the emails to you. And I expect you will get great quality replies. You see, our readers appreciate that with technology, you are always contactable. As tightwads, they also appreciate that they will only have to pay you for three days a week and out of gratitude you will do the work of a four day a weeker – which honestly constitutes a full-time job if you look at how much time people waste on “Imnotworkingitsfriday”.


So problem solved. You will study further and therefore have a fantastic career. Hopefully you will join boards and double the number of females in our boardrooms. (No idea why I think you are a woman, but I do because of your silly supermarket comments.)


And some smart company out there will utilise your talents, increase their sales and we’ll all live happily ever after the downturn.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B.



Aunty B - Your problems answered by SmartCompany's business bitch

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