Spring is in the air and frisky staff are exposing bare flesh. Help!

Dear Aunty B,


I am not sure where you are based Aunty B, but in Melbourne we have had some unseasonably fine weather. While we have all been enjoying the sunshine, it has created a huge problem in our office.

Some of the female juniors who were hired in winter are shedding their Melbourne black, which has brought along an early spring in the young males.


Suddenly there is bare flesh around every corner, productivity has dropped and the atmosphere is positively frisky!


My dilemma is this Aunty B. Do I turn a blind eye? And if not, what on earth would I say? And how do I tell one particular Gen-Y (who has turned out to be a Gen-DD) that she really does need to file things away?

William St, Melbourne




Dear Craig,

You are single aren’t you? And you still live with your mum. Because it sounds to me mate that you are missing out. What you are observing in the office is called life. I suggest you stop resisting it and start embracing it (out of hours of course.)


Now don’t you pretend you are not enjoying the scenery. Because I can tell from the salacious descriptions in the email that it is not a blind eye you are turning.

Is Gen-DD such a problem? Has productivity really dropped? I don’t think so. I think you are just finding it hard to concentrate. Refocus everyone with a new strategy and blinding vision. Set some ambitious goals.

Of course there are limits on office dress. I was once forced to work in close proximity with a hippy who liked to crochet his own shirts – I kid you not.




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