The Christmas wrap – blogging highlights of 2015

The Christmas wrap - blogging highlights of 2015


We’ve arrived at my final blog post for the year.  

And just in case you are scratching around for some holiday reading, I thought I’d leave you with a rundown of the most popular posts of 2015 as well as a few of my favourites.


Top three for 2015


Here are my top three recommended reads;

1   How to get traction in your business – whether it’s bringing a new field like behavioural economics into your business or some other idea, convincing stakeholders is a tough part of being in an organisation. Why not make it easier for yourself by using these ideas next year?

2   Is behavioural economics applicable to B2B as well? A common question, which I finally answer.

3   The Mary Poppins Principle – bundling temptation with pain is a good strategy for business and for habits


Most popular articles by topic


Here’s a snapshot of the most popular across a range of behavioural applications like web design, sales performance, customer insights, staff performance and habit formation.


Website and digital effectiveness 


Customer behaviour


Sales and marketing tweaks


Staff performance


Habits for personal effectiveness


Thank you for reading my blogs and your interest in what I do, and for being open to learning about the application of behavioural science to make life easier. Knowing I am writing for curious minds like yours helps push me to find new ways of thinking about and applying these techniques.

As I look forward to my fifth year of People Patterns I am so proud of being the first to do what I do in Australia, and if I haven’t already I would love to work with you directly in 2016.

If you have any feedback, ideas or random thought bubbles please share them with me via [email protected]. Have a safe, restful and irrational Christmas.

Bri Williams runs People Patterns, a consultancy specialising in the application of behavioural economics to everyday business issues.


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