The men in my office have gone facial hair crazy. Help!

Dear Aunty B,

I’ve been thinking about this for a while but the charity fundraiser Movember has tipped me over the edge and I just had to write.

Throughout this year we’ve had a steady stream of men (particularly the younger guys) growing what I would call designer beards – you know, the sort of beards that men seem to think make them look urbane, creative free spirits.

Some look OK, most look ridiculous. I’m on old school guy and there’s nothing that says “couldn’t be bothered” like a half-arsed beard.

Movember has made things even worse. Yes, it’s a worthwhile charity, but I’ve got one salesperson out there who looks like Chopper Reid, another that looks like Colonel Sanders and another that looks (very unfortunately) a little like a blond Adolf Hitler.

These blokes are the face (and facial hair) of my company. How do I stop this hairy rot?




Dear Shaved,

Sorry, you won’t find your Aunty with a bad word to say about Movember.

It’s a great charity and I’d argue that it actually makes your company look better to be supporting your salespeople for this great cause – I bet it gives them a great opening in their sales conversations too.

If I was you, I would embrace it. Match the money they raise dollar for dollar and make a real thing out of it. You could even make an extra donation for the right to shave the things off next week!

As for the beards, just be patient. It’s a fashion thing, and fashions change. Perhaps a nice hot summer will convince a few of them it’s time to lose the fuzz.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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