The products are great but the business is a mess. Should I stick with it?

Dear Aunty B,


Two months ago I was head-hunted and left my old job to join a new company. Trouble is, I have discovered that my new boss has been less-than-honest about the company’s position, business methods and practices etc.


There is no plan or process in place for most of their major activities and communications within the organisation are the worst I have ever seen (and I have changed jobs and organisations a lot). I am suprised they are still running!


Part of the sweetener during the head-hunting process was that we had contracts and established business relationships with some large companies.


I have lately discovered that there are no relationships to speak of and what’s worse is that the expectation is to build this relationship by hanging around outside their offices, ring them and ask if I can use their office space and essentially worm my in (I won’t be doing this by the way, because I think it’s unethical, but also because I think there are better ways to build a business relationship).


About the only thing they have been honest about was the pay (good thing) and their primary products are very good.


Should I stick around and help them on the improvement journey? Or should I tell them what I think (which would not be positive) and move on?




Hi BG,

You know I was terribly pessimistic for you until I got to this line – “their primary products are very good”.

Oh what joy for a dynamic and ethical person like yourself to walk in and fix the place up. If a company’s products are very good – and I assume you mean by this they are in demand and sell well – then it is easy to restructure a company around it.

It should be simple to set a new plan for the organisation, fix their communications, move on the people who will not change, and set up a proper team that understands how to build lasting relationships.

Of course it will take far longer than you think and will be a pain in the neck, but if the money is good, you will get a lot of satisfaction from the results.

My only query is what is the new boss like? Will the new boss get out of the way and let you fix the company up? If he is resistant, does not see the problems, and does not back you, then on your donkey Simpson, and find another war.

Good luck,

Your Aunty B.


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