There are naughty toys in the Kris Kringle sack. Help!

Dear Aunty B,

We have a $15 Kris Kringle every year, which we draw on the last day of work (December 21). Last year a new employee put in the Kris Kringle a chocolate bar in the shape of you-know-what which caused lots of laughs when I drew it out of the sack.

The last few weeks there has been a lot of sniggling in one area of the office about what might be in the Kris Kringle sack.

I am now spending the last week of Christmas staring at the ceiling worried – not about sales next year but about what is in the Kris Kringle and whether it will offend anyone.

What do I do? I don’t want to be a wowser.

David C,



Dear David,

Sticking my hand in a sack and pulling out a naughty toy at Christmas time is not my idea of fun either. Well, not if it’s in the office anyway.


But guess what? You don’t have to be the wowser.


You’re the boss. Share the problem. Appoint someone you trust to ensure the Kris Kringle process is running smoothly.


Word them up that the sniggling in the office could be leading to undesirable toys in the sack.

Have them check out the toys under the guise of making sure everyone is sticking to the price limit and that there is no duplication. Point out to everyone that inappropriate toys may breach the sexual harassment policy.


If there are a few toys that are dubious shapes, ask your delegate to have a word to the lads or ladies who put them in the sack and point out that while it’s a bit of fun, something more appropriate is required.


Next year try some different ideas. How about a large basket where all the goodies are on display? They may be less bold when having to publicly insert naughty toys into the sack.


Meanwhile stop worrying and start relaxing. You have delegated; the problem is fixed!


Merry Kris Kringle.


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