I am sick and my computer is dead. How do I cope?

What do you do when you have so much to do and not enough time and you are struggling to get it all done, and then disaster strikes – you get sick and your computer dies?

There are times when everything happens together and all your great plans have to be put aside.

This happened to me over the Easter break. I had some wonderful plans and everything conspired against me.

Strangely, by being too sick to work it has enabled me to cope with the PC dying, and having the PC not working has made me just lie back and recover with no need to switch on the computer (I did try again this morning, just to see the inevitable blue screen).

So it’s time to apply positive thinking and overcome blocks. Here’s a strategy to cope and come out of a situation like this feeling good:


1.         The “lands of W”

If you get stuck in the negative land of W, all you end up doing is wishing, wallowing and wasting time.

So allow yourself to feel bad – just for a small time – then tell yourself to relax, take it easy and enjoy the rest because there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Imagine how good it will feel to be well again and have everything working properly.

The positive land of W awaits you when you get better – and you know it is just a matter of time to be wanting to achieve, willing to learn and working hard. Take the time out to consider all your achievements to date, don’t focus on what is yet to be done, just what you have accomplished.


2.         Uncover your blocks

Procrastination. Normally I would say recognise what is blocking you from making a start. Unless you are sick or your PC is not working, then seriously look at what stops you from moving ahead. Once you recognise your weaknesses, you can understand them so you can fight them.

Many people get blocked by their own thinking… constantly saying it’s all too hard. Just start with something small, and get it done and off your list.   


3.         Identify your scripts

We all have thinking patterns – what I call negative and positive scripts. Recognise what you tell yourself – I’m hopeless at writing reports… or, I hate doing this type of work.

Find the power boosting scripts, the unblocking scripts, the enablers – I will make this happen… I will get through this… just keep going and get this finished… you can do it… Stay in control.

Move from negative to positive scripts.


4.         Voice the goals

Set achievable daily goals. Many of us set too many goals for a day or week, and unachievable ones, so we always feel like we are failing.

Tell someone else what you are going to do and share what is realistic or not. Find a mentor to share your future goals – these can be very motivating.

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