Think your key people are happy? Think again

Aunty B,

Eighteen months ago I joined a new company and played a large role in its growth from $1.5 million to $6 million in 12 months. Could I do it again? Yes, the wheel is still gaining momentum – in fact $10 million is the target this calendar year.

My problem is I seem to have lost my drive. With things running reasonably well there seems less for me to do. As GM I feel no worth to the company now.

Should I look to move on or sit on my hands and just jump up to solve the problems as they arise? I feel I might be missing the point of being a GM. What am I meant to do? Am I to just generally manage, or is there more to it?





Hi Brett from Sydney,

Well, that’s a warning across all the bows of the entrepreneurial ships bobbing happily along the horizon. How happy are your key people? Are they bored? Are they sitting on their hands wondering is there more to life than putting their foot down hard on the fast growth accelerator?

Hard to imagine, but take it from Brett in Sydney.

The lesson for entrepreneurs? Now is the time to secure key people like Brett! And it is obviously not just money that will tether the Bretts of the world to your company.

But back to you Brett. Here are my answer:

You have outgrown the job and are ready for the next step: Why is $10 million the target? Why not go for more? Prices for companies are falling; why not look at some acquisitions? Who is your CEO? Why can’t you take that job?

It is no use feeling like you are missing the point of a GM. If you have played a large role in company growth and the company is in such fine shape that you are now a trouble shooter or a problem solver, then you have “got the point” of being a GM.

One last point Brett: It sounds to me like the next step for you is to start your own business, which is why you wrote to me in the first place, isn’t it?


(And if anyone wants to offer Brett a more challenging job, email me and I will pass your email on to him.)


Your Aunty B





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