This recession is crap. I’m going to bed

Dear Aunty B,


Sales in the past few months have plummeted. I have always relied on organic growth for expansion – now I don’t know what to do.


It takes so much effort to sell that it hardly seems worth the cost. Why weren’t we warned that it was going to be so bad? Why isn’t anything being done to help us, and when will it end? I just feel like going to bed and pulling up the covers.


Fed Up,



Dear Fed Up,


It’s not my fault if you live under a rock. And what do you mean you weren’t warned? We’ve been warning you for a year and a half that this was coming. Entrepreneurs by nature are glass-half-full types, and it is only when they see the direct impact of the recession on their own sales that they sit up, take notice, and yelp.


Businesses that sell B2B have been one of the last sectors hit in this recession. And you will feel the pain for the next year.


But you will not go to bed. What’s the point? That’s where many business owners are at present. This is not the time to retreat. This is a time to fight, to get out of bed earlier and spring into action.

Every day we tell you all the opportunities that are available in this recession. So start taking action. And make sure you keep networking and learning by attending trade shows, seminars and events.

It’s a great time that will test us all. The bad news is there is no help coming from the Government; we just saw this in the ’09 budget (although do get on top of the 50% rebate).


So it’s up to you to get your company through. 

Besides you’ll get bored in bed.


Good luck!

Your Aunty B.


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