Today’s brand to do is…

Today’s brand to do is...

Most days I tweet out a “brand to do” to my followers. They make up quite a list of things big and small, easy and hard, internal and external, advice and action. All written in 140 characters or less to help build a strong resilient brand that people will care about.

I’ve pulled a selection from the last 60 days and hope there’s some that will be useful to you.

Today’s #brandtodo is:

When making a decision today ask yourself does this help us achieve our purpose (vision, mission whatever you call it).

Stop reading about other brands, instead think of one way your org could be more aligned to what you stand for.

Take a look at the expectations your marketing communications materials are setting. Can you meet them?

Pick a term that you use to describe what you stand for (e.g. quality) now define the term for your org – be specific.

Do you make stuff? Where do you make it? Why there? Does that align with what you say you care about?

Call three customers and ask them what they value about your org. Is it what you want them to see and think?

Culture might “eat strategy for breakfast” but it is also the visible face of your brand. Get to know your culture.

Keep what your brand stands for front of mind by restating what it is at start of every week (even if it’s just to self).

Do your customer service promises mesh with reality? To have satisfied customers you need to meet expectations you set.

Courtesy Garry Mueller, “You have to make decisions because indecision is a decision…” (and be conscious, be deliberate)

Think of your brand as the result of a practice, not an event. Every day you are building it so keep “practising” aka doing.

You don’t build brand by “policing” your logo and fonts. Focus on what promises you are making and keep them.

Don’t let actions out of alignment with what you stand for go unchallenged. The result is your brand. Be deliberate.

Take ownership of your brand – it is the result of your org’s core. Don’t outsource it.

Translate your terms and conditions to plain English – does it align with your purpose and values? (probably not)

Come up with a question you could ask people during hiring that would help reveal if they are a fit for your culture.

Spend five minutes thinking about what you would like people to think of your org when you’re not there. Now go be that.

Think about what you want your brand to stand for. Now list five things you need to STOP doing to make that true.

Did you keep a promise yesterday? That’s great – celebrate it a bit today. Buy the team a coffee!

You’ve got a great product. Does the packaging reflect how great it is or is it a barrier? The whole experience matters.

Look at your list of values. Are there any you would trade if required by circumstances? Remove them, they aren’t values.

Come up with three crazy new ideas that will help you achieve your purpose. Start doing it every day. Make it a habit.

Don’t change what you stand for. Do change how you talk about it to different audiences. One size never fits all.

Core values check in. For each core value you have, list three things you do to make it visible. Should be easy!

Watch this. What stories would your customers tell? Worn Wear: a Film About the Stories We Wear

You spend lots of time thinking about what you do. Today, spend some time thinking about how you do it – is it aligned?

Brand is a result, so today start with a result you want and work backwards. Do you need to change anything to get to it?

Less than 30 days to 2014, time to think about the brand result you achieved in 2013 and what you want for next year.

See you next week (and if you’d like to get the daily #brandtodo follow me on Twitter @michelhogan).

Michel is an independent brand analyst dedicated to helping organisations make promises they can keep and keep the promises they make – with a strong, resilient organisation as the result. She also publishes a blog at You can follow Michel on Twitter @michelhogan


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