Today, what is one hot idea I should do?

Dear Aunty B,

I run a small consulting business (we sell research data) that is doing okay but should be doing better.

I have a meeting later in the week with staff and I want to come up with a single idea (that won’t cost anything) that will motivate them and shake things up a bit.

You have lots of ideas Aunty. Can you think of something that’s hot?



Dear Dean,

Here is your single idea and if you follow it for the next year I promise you will be successful. Here it is. Ready? Sitting down?

Get personal. Go and get close to all your clients and your former clients and your potential clients. Everyone has had enough of being held at arms length by computers.

So here is what you are going to do today. Go and hand deliver a research report to a client. Take the client through it personally. Then take them out to lunch and talk further about their report and how you and your business can add more value.

Then at the end of lunch ask if there is a potential client that might need your data? If yes, ask him for a personal recommendation. Then go back and think about the conversation and plan some more value ads. Conference, email updates? New niche markets? Research in e-books? Last, set a strategy meeting and ask the smartest people you know who you can brief on new technology, the latest in your industry and the competitive landscape.

How’s that for hot? A strong lead, fresh ideas and the beginning of a new strategy.

Now get busy!

Your Aunty B


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