Cape York Motorcycle Tours. Source: Supplied

Renae Kunda

Lessons on supporting and training staff when they’re miles from office headquarters

Renae Kunda
Remote Work, Training & Development
6 minute Read

Renae Kunda is the co-founder of Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, with her husband Roy Kunda. The 30-year old business has won multiple tourism, business, and management awards, offering motorbike tours in remote Cape York. It’s challenging, and potentially dangerous, which makes both the training and retention of staff equally important.

In this piece, she shares what she’s learnt over the years.

One of the biggest issues we have in our business is retaining great staff members for the long term. Our business is seasonal and we can only offer work for seven months of the year — but our guides have to be the best in the business. They literally have people’s lives in their hands, so they have to be responsible, smart and totally reliable.

Renae Kunda's five rules for training (and retaining) staff


Make sure the new kid fits in with their teammates.

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