What can I ask a potential recruit?



Dear Aunty B,

I have just found out that the “mature” sales woman I hired last week was in jail for a brief period in her early 20s for bashing her boyfriend and trashing his flat.

I feel really cross that she didn’t reveal this in the job interview. Should she have told me?



Dear Angry,

Gee, like she’s going to add that at the end of the interview, and say: “Hey, guess what? I biff men, was in the slammer and no I don’t really want the job…”


Unfortunately confessions about a prison record fall in the category of “Things I would love to know about the person I am about to hire… but I am not allowed to ask.”


Yes, job candidates should be open and honest about the past, especially large gaps in their resumes. But they are within their rights not to mention it if the crime does not related to the job. And be careful not to discriminate on the basis of criminal history! That way you’ll end up in court.

Yours truly,
Aunty B


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