What goes in the “About us” on our website?

Dear Aunty B,


We want you to adjudicate. We are re-doing our “About us” page. The founder just wants to put in one line about the company and a 1800 number, but I (the marketing manager) want to put in a lot more information, particularly as we are a medium sized company, seeking attention from the media and investors.


Who is right? I know he reads SmartCompany and I am hoping he will read this.


Alice D,
Gold Coast



Hi Alice,


You are RIGHT and he is in wonderland.


Do you know how frustrating it is when media rep, investor, potential customer, supplier, reader or whoever bother to go to an “About us” page only to read rubbish (puff and an 1800 number)? An About us with an 1800 number immediately signals one thing; a company with no customer service.


All sites need to have a phone number listed that will immediately be answered by a human. And it needs to be listed in About us, Contact us and anywhere else on the site you can put it.


Because guess what? You’re in business and you want people to ring you!


Often people go to the About us when the company is on their radar. An investor wants to know who’s behind the company. The journalist wants to ring the founder for a story and is looking for some background information. A buyer or a supplier wants to confirm that the company is reputable. So it is an essential part of the site and needs to be kept updated and fresh.


Here is a list of what to put on the “About us” page from Marketing Sherpa.


  1. Up-to-date material: Complete and current information, including recent press releases about your company’s successes.
  2. Customers: Who else do you work with?
  3. History: What are your company’s roots and its growth pattern?
  4. Location(s): Do you have an office nearby? For some companies, especially manufacturers, it’s a real plus to have a physical location in the vicinity even in the internet age.
  5. Founders/boards of directors/advisers: Who are they? Successful and prominent directors can validate a company, especially in its growth years.
  6. Media coverage: High-profile articles or a mass of media coverage can put you on the map.
  7.  Blogs/thought leadership: Blogs offer a view of the thinking of a company’s executives.



And may I suggest a pay rise is in order.


Your Aunty B.

Aunty B - Your problems answered by SmartCompany's business bitch

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