What is the best way to “move on” a nice person?

Dear Aunty B


I read your last Aunty B about holding on to a sales director. I am in the same position as “Clever” from Crows Nest with one of my sales team. But she is no gun.

In fact she is more like a water pistol – with no water. Trouble is she is really nice and although she annoys other workers because they all have to “carry” her, it is going to upset everyone when they find out she is leaving.


What is the best day of the week to “move someone on”? Should I do it in the morning or the evening? And is a farewell party and gift appropriate?


Peppermint Grove, WA



Hi Kev,

Do it on a Wednesday at 4pm. Here’s why.

Kev, you sound like a nice bloke. If you do the deed on Monday, you have a whole week of NICE moping around the office, discussing all the jobs she found on the internet and making you feel rotten.

Do it on Friday and NICE does not have time to start searching for another job and will spend a whole weekend feeling miserable.

Now, the time of day is crucial.

Do not do it in the morning. It is far too long a time until that restoring evening glass of alcohol.

Neither do you want to do it after 5pm because NICE won’t have time to organise her best work mates to go out, get sloshed and call you a bastard.

So by the process of deduction we come to Wednesday 4pm.

That’s when. Here’s how.

If you agree on a “last day” with NICE, then absolutely say a few words and give her a small gift. But don’t let guilt send you over the top, Kev. I wouldn’t hire a floor at Burswood Casino for example.

Maybe you could arrange a meeting for that day and use part of that meeting to farewell NICE and hand her a gift.

Now enjoy your Monday and we’ll all be thinking of you at Wednesday at 4pm.

Anyone got any other moving-on advice, send it in to [email protected]

Cheers, Aunty B


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