What’s the proper dress code for entrepreneurs?

Dear Aunty B,

I noticed at the SmartCompany Awards on Friday that very few men wore ties. Given that it was an official function with the Federal Minister for Small Business addressing hundreds of people, I felt it was the correct protocol to wear a tie.


So I turned up wearing my smart Armani suit with a very nice pink silk tie. But as soon as I got there I felt like an over dressed turkey as nearly all the men wore open necked shirts. One even had some kind of Driza-Bone on and I wondered if he was an escapee from the APEC line up.

What are the rules for men?

Fred Y,
North Sydney




Dear Stuffed Turkey,

Well, you are obviously not an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs don’t just break rules, we usually don’t notice their existence – unless of course they are onerous tax or legal regulations to which, of course, we always adhere.


Look, it’s a fact: entrepreneurs don’t wear ties. There are exceptions, such as when they attend meetings with large corporates and go to funerals. But unlike most judges, many of whom cannot be separated from the smelly horsehair wigs that hide their bald spots, entrepreneurs are not hung up on status.


Nor do they like restrictive tourniquets around their necks. Even a few of the entrepreneurs who wore ties to the event ended up taking them off – except for Peter, who sells ties on the internet and sported a terrific neckpiece.


Anyway Stuffed Turkey, here is the rule for entrepreneur functions: wear what you like!

Your Aunty B!



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