When should a start-up move out of home?

Dear Aunty B,

At what stage do we have to grow up? We have worked from a small garage in Sydney’s west for two years and wear what we like to work. But we now have some big clients and our mentor suggested it might be time to move to the city and start being grown-ups. He is quite old so I don’t know if what he says still stands and I thought I would ask you.



Happily born, bred and fed in the west.


Dear Doug,

And how old is your mentor? About 40? Ancient!

No wonder his brain is addled. Look, you little buggers, you are lucky to have him. At your stage of the business, you make a choice. Do you want to grow up and have a bigger business? It is a sad reality that at your stage you need to jump a few rungs on the ladder.

Everyone loves a baby and a toddler. But then the fun stops and more is expected of you. You have to put on a uniform and go to school for a start. And you know what that’s like. You want to appear to be older than you are and impress all those big people. And I know what all those ‘teppies’ (tech hippies) say: that you can work from anywhere, anytime, anyhow. But taking a client around your city office will show them you’re here to stay.

So, yes, the time has come to move out, grow up and pretend to be bigger than you are because that way you grow into that role. Growing up is fun you know!

Be smart,

Your Aunty B 


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