Who buys the milk for the office? Do I have to?

Dear Aunty B,

We are part of a group of small companies that all share a common kitchen. While it was easy setting up lease agreements, telephones etc, the kitchen arrangements have been a nightmare.

We finally got a cleaner in to wash all the breakfast dishes (why can’t they eat at home?) but we still have a major problem. Who buys the milk?

Sometimes I get so fed up by people sticking their head outside the kitchen and plaintively complaining about the lack of milk, I go and buy it myself!

Mike P,



Dear Mike,

In the old days you would send junior out to get the milk and when he complained, you would give him a quick slap around the ears. Now of course junior is paid more than you, lives at home and thinks the fridge fairy buys the milk.

This is a similar issue to who washes the tea towels and the answer is simple. You include it in someone’s list of duties. Every night before they leave, the assigned milk buyer sticks their head in the fridge, checks supplies and takes some money from petty cash. In the morning they arrive with milk. If that’s too hard, buy a cow.


Now how’s your business strategy for this year? Think you should make more profit? Why not concentrate on that?

Your Aunty B

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