Why honesty is the building block to sustainable positivity

Why honesty is the building block to sustainable positivity

Are we overdoing positivity and strategies for success? Are we making life too simple and righteous? So many books that are dispensing help, inspiration or affirmation might simply be the business equivalent of selfies. 

There are going to be days and periods in one’s life where very little goes right, and sometimes things get worse. Why pretend otherwise? Is there a simple affirmation that will make it all go away? Unlikely!

We have to admit that sometimes things stink, so why sugar coat and assume there is a simple smiley solution?


A little more honesty with both yourself and others


Honesty can bring about more positivity! How? For the simple reason that you’ve admitted or disclosed there’s a problem (or maybe, several). Here we’re addressing an issue that even business gurus and entrepreneurs need to absorb. Too much in the way of mantra sugars can destroy necessary medicine. 


So what’s going wrong in your life? How can you turn it around?


1. Are you in any way responsible for the mess? Or has an event outside your control been the cause? Face facts and determine your role in this situation. You may also need to clarify the other person’s degree of responsibility. 

2. Analyse what happened. How did this occur? Where were you in this? What/who else was involved? Try to look at the situation as dispassionately as you can; it’s possible that choices you’ve made (sometimes unconsciously) have led to matters being the way they are now. 

3. Contemplate what you need to do to avoid being stuck in your work. Even if things are zipping along nicely, it’s always good to “be prepared” with scenarios and strategies, especially if you are on a contract that may end abruptly.

4. Don’t attempt to diminish what actually happened. Don’t demean the seriousness of what many other people experience. They won’t thank you for trivialising their issues.

5. Determine some courses of action. Don’t opt for just one – some avenues won’t be available to you right away. Here’s where things may get knotty because improvements won’t automatically happen. They may take a while to eventuate. Keep busy with other things while you await developments. 

Your emotional health will improve without endless positivity, if you are prepared to take a good big spoonful of harsh-tasting honesty and know that you’ve begun the path back to equilibrium. That’s a positive.

Eve Ash is a psychologist, author, filmmaker, public speaker and entrepreneur. She runs Seven Dimensions, a company specialising in training resources for the workplace.


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