Why I’m lovin’ this recession

Dear Aunty B,

I read the other day in your column (which I love) about that poor sod who wanted to go to bed. My experience is completely different. I love this recession.


I just signed a lease in the location of my dreams at great rates for three years! I advertise for staff and I get loads of great candidates. I have a great excuse not to cut up staff salaries and have negotiated good terms with suppliers.

The downsides are whingy clients and having to chase small amounts of money.
But in the scheme of things I come out on top. And we are gaining market share from struggling competitors. The doom and gloom writing in the media does not seen to apply to us at all!

Lovin’ it (Dean),


Dear Dean,

Good for you. Entrepreneurs are a weird bunch. Get an entrepreneur’s back up against a wall and watch them fight their way through. There is a perverse sense of satisfaction when it’s tough that ordinary folk don’t get.
They can thrive in a recession where others just get on the wheel and peddle until they drop off with exhaustion.

But don’t get too smug. We are starting to see the first signs of recovery and by this time next year, things will certainly be better. Sorry about that.

Your Aunty B.


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