Why should companies re-brand?



I am attempting to write a presentation on branding and marketing and am struggling to nail why my audience would buy the re-brand story given that they are mostly one to three-partner financial planning firms of relative long standing.


I can hear them now – “Yep, fair point, but it’s not for me”. Please give me your top 10 reasons why this type of company should think about re-branding.


No Ideas,




Dear No Ideas,

Gee you’re not going to convince them if you can’t convince yourself.

There is a major reason any company should think about re-branding on a regular basis: to freshen the brand.


I bet this company has not refreshed for years and the brand is stale and old. Re-branding does not have to be radical – but it can be rejuvenating.


There is another compelling reason for re-branding. Lots of existing tag lines for companies that appear under the company name don’t work in search engine marketing. Companies should be reinventing their tag lines so they have a better chance of being picked up by search engines when people are looking for services.


Yeah, yeah, you want a list.

Here are the top 10 reasons (thanks to marketing guru Uncle Colin):

  1. Force a total rethink of the firm’s focus.
  2. Engage suppliers in closer value chain links.
  3. Develop intellectual property recognition.
  4. Link staff recruitment as the firm grows.
  5. To give clarity of the contact point for service.
  6. Make the firm more visible than just a list of names.
  7. Build an identity that staff can use to win new business.
  8. Establish accountability for service quality.
  9. Make it easier to use brand links on the web.
  10. Create a customer service expectation.




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