Why this office supplies company built its employees a Game of Thrones room

Game of Thrones

Source: AAP

Relaxation is coming.

That’s the message an office supplies company in the United Kingdom wants to send its employees.

While most businesses give their staff an Easter egg hunt when the Easter bunny comes hopping, Mashable reports Viking Direct decided to surprise its employees with a Game of Thrones-inspired room sure to make even King Joffrey smile.

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The room includes a large number of references to the popular fantasy book series and television adaption, including toy dragons, a three-eyed raven and three large dragon eggs (made to look like the real deal thanks to around 2500 brass drawing pins).

Then, of course, there are the 20 glass-stained windows all over the room depicting imagery and key scenes from the TV show.

The banquet table even includes a basket with the label “Ned’s head”.

Employees can also play darts on a board that lists all of the characters who have recently been killed off.

Interestingly, the board doesn’t list Jon Snow among the fallen.

Viking Direct said in a blog post the Game of Thrones room was built in order to reward hard-working employees and make sure no spoilers are discussed in the main part of the office.

“Over the course of the new season, we’ll be inviting everyone up to get ready for latest episodes with a banquet fit for whoever may sit on our incredible cardboard Iron Throne,” Viking Direct said.

“The space will also act as a room to discuss plot developments, so the rest of the office can remain spoiler-free.”

The company has also released a video showing how it put the room together.

While no-one knows what lies in store for the next season of Game of Thrones, one thing is certain: Viking Direct’s Game of Thrones room is sure to give staff a lot of Greyjoy.


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5 years ago

Do the bad or poorly performing staff members have to do the walk of shame?