You seem grumpy. How are you coping?

Hey Aunty B,

Love ya stuff. But you seem a bit grumpy at the moment.

Just wondered how you guys are coping at SmartCompany.

Leon D,



Hey Leon,

Nice of you to ask – though I suspect you are a spy from Fairfax who wants a job. You know what? I feel weirdly good.

Earlier this year we ran through a host of alternatives and strategies for SmartCompany. We knew what was coming – in fact in February we all sat down and ran through different scenarios; did we raise capital, did we diversify, how could we replicate our business model in different markets, what was our risk management plan and so on.


We got our plan together and bunkered down knowing that we are a group of very experienced publishers, journalists and entrepreneurs; we are young, flexible and we could ride it out. In fact this was an opportunity to steal market share from incumbants.


Now we are in the middle of a financial storm – which today I see has turned into a tsunami – and there is a strange relief in that. As Gloria Jean’s chief Nabi Saleh says yesterday, it’s too late to act on “what ifs”. Now we are in the trenches. Or as my friend says, we’re in the Russian supermarket where there is only one item on the shelf (he’s from the cold war era).


Choice is gone and there is only one way out. Sheer hard work, grit and determination.

Why is that a relief? God knows. But it is very tiring and distracting running through what ifs. And of course entrepreneurs love sheer hard work and have grit and determination in spades.


And there is also a challenge involved. What challenge, I hear you ask?


Well, entrepreneurs perversely get enervated when our backs are up against the wall. The entrepreneurs I am talking to are suddenly acting a bit manic as we realise we are facing the challenge of a lifetime… and we sense that we can get through it.



But good luck to you as well,

Your Aunty B.

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