Atlina Drinks

Atlina Drinks co-founders. Source: supplied.

Paul Brescia

Zero-proof concept: How Altina Drinks made its own market

Paul Brescia
6 minute Read

Altina Drinks is a three-year-old non-alcoholic beverage brand with a clearly articulated goal: to change the Australian drinking cultures that its founders, Dr Christina Delay and Alan Tse, sought to escape.

Delay comes from an academic and IT project management background, having completed her PhD in plant science in 2016. 

Keenly aware that a life in academia meant decades would pass before having a substantial impact on the world, she pivoted to IT before becoming disillusioned with corporate drinking culture, and its effects on her health.

Tse is a chartered accountant and has previously worked at Treasury. He was also fed up by the same corporate drinking culture, and together, he and Delay set out to change the assumption that social events require alcohol.

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