Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels. Source: for kids website

Nikki Stefanoff

How for kids turned a single product into a global brand

Nikki Stefanoff
Smart50 Awards 2021
6 minute Read

Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels started for kids as a solution to a parent’s worst nightmare — having to change a nappy on a plane. What started as a one-product offering has, over the last 12 years, grown into a multimillion-dollar international business with almost 300 products.

Filer and Michaels first met in London in the early noughties. Both from Australia, and with mutual friends in common, they instantly hit it off. Filer was working in finance and Michaels in sales and marketing, so it wasn’t long before they started talking about working together. They just didn’t know what they would do. 

The duo looked into importing kids shoes but didn’t follow the idea through. “I’m so pleased we didn’t do that,” says Filer. “It was a good process to go through, however, because we got to see how well we worked together and how we could bring our different skill sets to the table. We kept coming up with other ideas but would always end up thinking ‘nah, no one’s going to pay us to do that!’” 

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